The Layman

What kinds of websites does this person usually visit?

E-Mail and News websites are the primary uses of the internet for the layman. He/she also may have a Facebook, may watch Youtube. Any other uses outside of these four primary sites would be specific to that person.

How comfortable is this person with technology?

The average person is probably comfortable enough with the internet to browse around simple websites, but is unlikely to be familiar with applications such as Hypercities or other more complicated websites.

How familiar is this person with archaeological investigation and the history of Anatolia?

This person probably doesn’t know anything about archaeological investigation or Anatolia.

What has brought this person to our website?

They probably know someone who worked on the project, or someone they know posted about it/ sent it to them in an e-mail.

What are the person’s goals in visiting the website?

This person is probably just curious and doesn’t have any real concrete goals to achieve by visiting the website. That is where our job comes in — to hook them in with the front end so that they find interest!

What is this person going to do with the information he or she collects?

Keep it to themselves, or they may send it out to their friends if they think it’s pretty cool.

What would they find frustrating in a website like this? 

They may be bored or frustrated if there is a lot of information they do not understand. They probably will also be frustrated with the slow operating Hypercities plug-in.