College Student Persona

What kinds of websites does this person usually visit?

Facebook, Gmail, school website (MyUCLA), tumblr/reddit, YouTube


How comfortable is this person with technology?

Very comfortable. I’ve been on a computer for as long as I can remember, so it’s second nature to me. I’m  definitely dependent on computers/internet/technology. I’m lost without my iPhone. I don’t do programming, but I’m familiar with it. I know all the basic stuff like Microsoft Office. I know some Adobe things, like Photoshop, too, just from playing around with them.


How familiar is this person with archaeological investigation and the history of Anatolia?

I know these are archaeological dig sites, and I’ve been learning about the history of some of the festivals in my class. I’m not sure about details about the actual dig or how they’re doing it.


What has brought this person to our website?

I need to go here for a history assignment. My professor sent us here.


What are the person’s goals in visiting the website?

Learning more about the history of Anatolia using the visualizations. Any narrative/analysis along with the visualizations is helpful so I can understand what the pictures really mean and use that in my own assignment.


What is this person going to do with the information he or she collects?

I’m going to use it for my assignment. I need to analyze and recount Anatolia’s history, and the visualizations will help me describe what went on there.


What would they find frustrating in a website like this? 

I’m not an archaeologist, so I don’t always know what they’re talking about. Also, all I want is history and visuals that help me understand the history better – I don’t need these updates on what’s going on at the site. The site is really slow when the visualizations load, and I don’t even need most of what’s loading.