Anne Austin: The Archeologist

What websites do you visit most often? What is your main purpose in using these sites?

I check daily: (cheap technology sales), bbc news (news), facebook (social networking), gmail (email)

How comfortable are you with technology? Do you use the internet on any mobile devices?

Very. I have an android based phone and tablet which I use in addition to my work and personal PCs.

How familiar are you with archeological investigation and the history of Anatolia?

I have a friend who works there, and mostly know about his site.

Could you see yourself using the Digital Anatolia website? What would be your goals in visiting the site?

To get a better understanding of the excavation histories, context of finds, site stratigraphy, periods of occupation, and site use.

What do you find frustrating with scholarly websites? What would you like to see more of?

Often they are just taking what they normally do on paper and putting it on a website. This does not utilize the many excellent attributes of digital media. I would like to see better use of HTML/CSS/XML… meaning there should be links to additional information when available built into the text, the CSS should reflect the different meaningful categories of information on the site, and so provide a very quick visual layer of information, and XML should include meaningful academic categories of information like publication info that can be read by Zotero, but also any relevant database info included on the site (so if a find number is listed, it should be tagged as such). Finally, more than text should be included to take full advantage of digital humanities… so videos, images, tables, graphs, sounds etc. should be included if they can add to the scholarship of the site. These are the kinds of contributions which would make the site more than just a digital transcription of a traditional academic article.