We have a one-pager!

Here’s the one-pager Amy, Anna, and Anthony designed! Nice job!

Project Name:
Digital Anatolia Project

Objective Statement:
The design of the Digital Anatolia website will help archaeologists communicate with each other and the public about their findings. We will work to integrate hypercities into a fully functional front end.

1. Decide how to organize content provided by those involved with the Digital Anatolia Project
2. Wireframe a user-friendly site which takes the organizational framework put in place
3. Design a clean, awesome, academic front – end
4. Code the design in a manner that allows future users to edit content
5. Publish a fully functional site

Out of Scope:
– not generating content
– not editing content
– not dealing with what’s on hypercities
– emphasis not on backend design

-Project Manager: Anthony Bushong
-Design/Content Lead: Anna Reutinger
-Technical Lead: Amy Hawkins

Launch Date: 8th of June, 2012