Welcome to Digital Humanities 196!

Creative Commons-licensed photo: Akköy in the highlands of Central Anatolia, by yepyep.

Welcome to Digital Humanities 196, an undergraduate research assistantship at UCLA in which we’ll be building a website for Immersive Coordinates: Digital Anatolia. Digital Anatolia is a very cool project, in which a team led by Professor Chris Johanson will find ways to make archaeological data easier to understand. But it has a problem: No website!

Together, we’ll remedy that by figuring out what Digital Anatolia needs and building a website that meets these specifications. Along the way, we’ll learn how to manage a project as a team, including:

  • gathering project requirements
  • defining scope
  • designing sketchboards and wireframes
  • reaching an agreement with our client about the design
  • performing usability testing
  • coding a project as a team
  • finishing and testing the final project